What Not to Wear Dental Style with Rachel McTarsney

Dental Podcast

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Running Time: 42 minutes

Many of our listeners may be familiar with the TLC TV show called ‘What Not to Wear’ featuring wardrobe and appearance makeovers. Well, the dental profession could benefit from ‘What Not to Wear’ dental style! Time to put those wrinkled, faded scrubs to rest. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Rachel McTarsney on the topic of appropriate apparel in the dental office. In this Show Gary and Rachel discuss; the history of scrubs, the most common complaints dental team members have with scrubs, the three most important qualities of good apparel (fit, fabric and style), why Rachel co-founded Renwalla, how they discovered the fabric RenFiber and the qualities of this fabric and how the right apparel improves the image of your office and the confidence of your team members. You will enjoy Rachel’s passion for this important topic!

Rachel’s website: www.renwalla.com

Rachel’s email address:rachelm@renwalla.com

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