Unleashing the Power of DISC Personality Styles in your Practice with Chris LoCurto

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Running Time: 73 minutes

The DISC Personality Styles is a powerful tool that can help you develop a stronger practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews Chris LoCurto, a world-renowned expert on the DISC Personality Styles. In this interview Gary and Chris discuss; a summary of the four different DISC personality styles, how to use the DISC information to function better as a team, how to use the DISC information with your patients to better connect with them, how the DISC information can be used to increase case acceptance, the concept of ‘leaning in’ and why this is such a powerful communication skill and where to learn more about the DISC Personality Styles. You will thoroughly enjoy Chris’ knowledge and passion around the DISC Personality Styles. This information will radically improve your practice!

Chris’ website: www.chrislocurto.com

Link for the DISC test and Chris’ training video: www.chrislocurto.com/shop

Link to Chris’ ‘Avoiding Conflict Guide’

Link to Chris’ ‘Next Level Leadership’ Course

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