The Thriving Dentist Show Pivots

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In today’s Thriving Dentist Podcast show, Gary has invited his friend and co-host of the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast, Naren Arulrajah to co-host this episode. Naren is the CEO of Ekwa Marketing and helps dentists across the world with their digital marketing. Gary and Naren go back into the archives to discuss some of the past episodes of the Thriving Dentist show and what made them special! They’ll also talk about the pivot that is taking place within the show as well as Gary’s own success in the world of dentistry and how his practice is completely less insurance dependant.

In this episode Gary and Naren discuss:

  • 00:03:46 > The pivot in the Thriving Dentist Podcast Show, introducing a new format.
  • 00:05:26 > Episode #4 – Guiding more patients towards ideal care with Dr. Lee Ann Brady. It’s about inviting your patient into a conversation about comprehensive care.
  • 00:07:08 > Episode #364 – Best strategies for paying off your student loans ASAP with Mark Johnson. Mark shares how you can pay off your student loans in 4-7 years.
  • 00:08:36 > Episodes # 315 and # 325- The Psychology of Marketing 1 & 2 with Naren Arulrajah. Naren and Gary discuss the 6 principles and the art of pre-suasion.
  • 00:09:34 > The 6 Fundamental Principles of Marketing as taught by Dr. Robert Cialdini.
  • 00:11:25 > Episode #266- Unleashing the Power of the DISC personality styles in your practice with Chris LoCurto.
  • 00:13:09 > The concept of DISC and what it means for each of us, including our patients. It’s important to listen on the first phone call and observe your patients during the first visit in your practice.
  • 00:13:51 > Episode #397- CoDiscovery with Paul Henney. What is it and how do you apply it in your practice?
  • 00:15:16 > The concept of codiscovery allows dentists to discover how their patients feel about their dental health.
  • 00:15:55 > The Dr. Cialdini principle, Consistency plays an important role in codiscovery. When you are co-discovering the solution, it also becomes the patients solution.
  • 00:17:02 > Episode #390- The Concept of Leadership with Mack McDonald. Mack discusses transformational leadership that works.
  • 00:18:21 > Episode #367- Loving what you do is the secret to insane success in dentistry with Dr. Peyman Raissi. Peyman says in order to achieve absolute success, you’ve got to love what you do.
  • 00:19:19 > Peyman opened a fee for service practice from scratch, he was collecting 1.7 million by his second year.
  • 00:20:52 > Taking a look back at Gary’s 39 years in dentistry.
  • 00:22:01 > The personal side of Gary Takacs; Marriage, children and their careers.
  • 00:24:02 > Gary’s career started 39 years ago as a law clerk for Mercer.
  • 00:25:11> The 1957 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce driver.
  • 00:28:15 > In the 80’s Gary worked for 2 large consulting firms.
  • 00:28:38 > In 1989 after working with 500 plus dentists, Gary started his own consulting firm.
  • 00:29:12 > Taking the stage all over the world and giving over 18,000 education hours to others.
  • 00:30:42 > The backstory and birth of the Life Smiles Dental Practice in 2007.
  • 00:36:17 > The value of a hygiene driven practice.
  • 00:37:36 > High value services offered at Life Smiles.
  • 00:38:33 > Be a relationship driven practice, know your patients!
  • 00:39:24 > Successfully resigning from 34 Insurance plans.
  • 00:40:43 > Celebrating 60 years of life and 37 years of love.
  • 00:42:03 > The trait of optimism and how it shaped Gary’s personality.
  • 00:44:18 > Gary’s vision for the Platinum era of dentistry.
  • 00:47:26 > Fundamental challenges in the dental profession today.
  • 00:49:16 > Gary’s goal in the future is to help dentists achieve the practice of their dreams.
  • 00:51:13 > How the Thriving Dentist podcast will evolve in the future; clinical tips, teaching points and interviews based on the teaching point(s).
  • 00:54:15 > A sneak peek into the next episode of the Thriving Dentist show.
  • 00:55:20 > The three day doctor week and work life balance.
  • 00:59:03 > Gary first listened to a podcast in 2009, from there he started the Thriving Dentist show.


Episode #4- Guiding More Patients to Want Ideal Care with Dr. Lee Ann Brady

Episode #364- Best Strategies for Paying Off Your Dental School Loans as Soon as Possible with Mark Johnson

Episode #315 / #325- The Psychology of Marketing Part 1 & 2 with Naren Arulrajah

Episode#266- Unleashing the Power of DISC Personality Styles in your Practice with Chris LoCurto

Episode #397– CoDiscovery; What is it? When to Use it? Why to Use it? with Dr. Paul Henny

Episode #390- How to Become a Transformational Leader to achieve the Practice of Your Dreams with Dr. Mac McDonald

Episode #367- Loving What You Do is the Secret to Insane Success with Dr. Peyman Raissi

Life Smiles:

Get Less Insurance Dependent with Gary Takacs

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast:


Connect with Naren Arulrajah




Show Quotes:

  1. In dentistry, you have the opportunity to change lives every day. -Gary Takacs
  2. Co-Discovering taps into Dr. Cialdini’s consistency principle because when you are Co-Discovering the solution, it becomes the patient’s solution. -Naren Arulrajah
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Year End Tax Savings Tips With Robby Apple CPA

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Gary invited his friend Robby Apple CPA as a guest on this Thriving Dentist Show to share some specific tips you can use to reduce your tax liability in 2019.

The timing on this Show is very important because you have time to apply these tips before the end of the year to gain the tax savings.

In this interview Gary and Robby discuss: how Dentists compare to other high income earners in terms of taxes paid, everything you need to know about the process of tax planning, how tax planning is very different than tax return preparation, quantitative and qualitative factors involved in tax planning, things you need to know about the sweeping tax reform bill for 2019, Retirement Plan fundamentals, the magical ’Section 179’ deduction and how to use it to significantly reduce your 2019 tax bill, when NOT to use a ’Section 179’ deduction, Health Savings Accounts, wise year end spending, why real estate is generally not a good year end tax planning option, bunching charitable deductions, business formats and when is the right time to use an S Corporation.

Robby has complete command of tax planning and makes the subject matter both interesting and understandable. You will enjoy his knowledge and passion for helping you reduce your tax liability!

Robby’s website: 

Robby’s email address:

Academy of Dental CPA’s website:

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast:

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: 

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Why Does Dentistry Fails? With Greg Kamyszek

September 25, 2019  | Posted by: Gary in Thriving Dentist Show  |  no Comment

The reality is that dentistry can fail due to a number of reasons. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Greg Kamyszek on the Show as a Guest to explore some common reasons why dentistry fails. In this Show, Gary and Greg discuss: how BioRESEARCH works with all of the major occlusion ‘camps’, why occlusion is such a contentious term, the concept of ‘don’t be down on what you are not up on’, objective measurement of the stomatognathic system, the value of joint vibration analysis, the principles of the T-Scan, common occlusion myths, the concept of occlusion as being a combination of force, timing and balance, the joint/muscle connection and a discussion about the 2020 BioRESEARCH Annual Meeting to be held in Milwaukee, WI June 18-20, 2020. You’ll enjoy Greg’s passion for helping Dentists reduce the incident of dental failure!

Greg’s website: 

Greg’s email address:

Link to 2020 Annual Conference on BioMETRICS in Dentistry:

Greg’s Phone Number: 414-467-9195

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast:

Link to the iLoveDentistry Facebook Group: 

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a Serious Medical Condition with a Dental Solution with Bryan Ferre

September 18, 2019  | Posted by: Gary in Thriving Dentist Show  |  no Comment

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most pernicious and misunderstood healthcare concerns of the modern era. Gary invited his friend Bryan Ferre as a Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share his knowledge about OSA.

In this Show Gary and Bryan discuss;

  • The very personal story of how Bryan lost his wife Carrie to OSA,
  • how Bryan’s late wife suffered from nine of the known comorbidities of OSA,
  • the myths of who is at risk of having OSA,
  • current data on the size of the potential patient base in the US suffering from OSA,
  • how societal and environmental changes are creating a dramatic rise in the incidence of OSA,
  • data that reports that 80% of patients suffering from OSA are undiagnosed,
  • the science of Epigenetics in dentistry,
  • Craniofacial Epigenetics and the 4 key area where Vivos is making contribution in this important field,
  • why Vivos created the Institute for Cranio Facial Sleep Medicine,
  • how Dentists can work in concert with other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat OSA,
  • how to successfully incorporate craniofacial sleep medicine into your dental practice
  • and throughout the interview Bryan shares his absolute passion and mission to help Dentists understand more about OSA and to become actively involved with screening for, diagnosing and treating OSA with the hope that he can help others avoid the very personal loss that he experienced. 

Link to The Pankey Institute:

Bryan’s website:

More information about how to incorporate a breathing wellness center in your practice:

Link to Free Online Courses:

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The Story of Three Young Dentists Who Are ROCKING Their Careers with Drs. Joseph Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso

September 11, 2019  | Posted by: Gary in Thriving Dentist Show  |  no Comment

You likely know that Gary is passionate about dentistry and you have probably heard him say that Dentistry ROCKS! This Thriving Dentist Show is one that you will absolutely love. A little over  three years ago, Gary interviewed a group of young Dentists who were about the start their careers. They were a month away from graduating from the University of Kentucky School of Dentistry and that first interview was all about their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

That Thriving Dentist Show was titled; ‘The Power of Relationships, Courage & Passion’ and here is a link to that interview

This interview is a follow up interview with three of those Dentists, Drs. Joe Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso. This Show is all about what has happened in the past three years.

In this Show, Gary, Joe, Scotty and Luis discuss;

  • What they have learned in their journeys early in their careers,
  • the CE direction that each Dentist has taken to enhance their skills since graduation from dental school, the good, bad and ugly of Associateship experiences,
  • why Joe has decided to open a start-up practice very soon,
  • the path to practice ownership for Scotty and Luis,
  • knowing what they know now what they might do differently,
  • the power and strength of the support network that Joe, Scotty and Luis have developed
  • and what they have learned about creating a successful work/life balance.

This is a very candid interview and you will appreciate the real life stories that Joe, Scotty and Luis share in the hopes that they can help their colleagues avoid any missteps and with the ultimate goal of inspiring their colleagues to pursue a life of purpose and passion!

Link to the Life and Dentistry Podcast:

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast:

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