The Power of Relationships, Courage and Passion with the Dentists of The Life and Dentistry Podcast

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Running Time: 49 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews six young Dentists just about to start their careers. The six Dentists are the founders of The Life and Dentistry Podcast and they are; Dr. Cole Hackett, Dr. Daniel DelaCruz, Dr. John Wesley Halliburton, Dr. Scotty Blanchard, Dr. Joe Blalock and Dr. Matthew Whitson. Two of these Dentists bought their first practice in their third year of Dental School! In this Show, Gary and his Guests discuss; The importance of having a network of supportive friends, how two Dentists bought a practice while still in Dental School, a discussion of the various career paths in dentistry, the importance of setting goals high enough, when a GPR might make sense and how to identify the best GPR, the path from Associate to Owner, why Gary is such a fan of owning your own practice, how to navigate speed bumps in your career, the difference between abundance and scarcity thinking, the importance of thinking about your legacy and the interview concludes with a great discussion on the importance of maintaining strong friendships throughout your career!

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