The 3 Most Common Labor Law Mistakes that Dentists Make with Ali Oromchian

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Running Time: 34 minutes

Navigating the maze of employment law is a challenge that every Dentist must face. Labor law is very complicated and the potential fines and penalties can be significant. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend, Ali Oromchian on the topic of what every Dentist needs to know about Labor Law. Ali is an attorney with a focus on Dental Labor Law and he is considered by many to be the most experienced expert on Dental Labor Law in the country. In this interview Gary and Ali discuss; the importance of an employee manual as the foundation of your HR policies in your practice, potential fines that Dentists face when in violation of Labor Law, the three most common labor law mistakes that Dentists make and how a solid, compliant HR system in your practice in a critical component of a Thriving practice. Ali Oromchian is a resource that every Dentist needs to know!

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HR for Health Phone number: 877-779-4747

Ali’s Law Firm Phone number: 925-999-8200
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