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Technology to Get Paid Faster with Lower Cost while Providing Your Patients a Superior Payment Experience with Bruce Baird DDS

Creating a Payment System in your practice where you collect everything you produce is a critically important element of a thriving practice. It’s very frustrating to produce dentistry and not get paid for it!

To help you master payment success today, Gary invited his friend Dr. Bruce Baird as a Guest on this Thriving Dentist Show episode.

In this Show, Gary and Bruce discuss;

  • new technology that allows you to radically increase patient payments,
  • the payment trends that consumers are rapidly embracing today and how these trends apply to your dental practice,
  • how to significantly reduce your cost to collect payment while simultaneously giving patients the payment tools they desire,
  • state-of-the-art eStatement solutions,
  • how to combine electronic statements with a financing option when needed or desired,
  • how this new technology improves your office efficiency, reduces your accounts receivable costs, accelerates your cash flow and enhances your collection rate all while providing your patients an improved payment experience.

You will appreciate Bruce’s wisdom and passion on providing Dentists and Patients a powerful 21st Century Payment System!

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