‘The Debate: Tarun and Gary on Insurance, No Insurance and What’s Right For You’ Moderated by Dr. Alan Mead

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Running Time: 85 minutes

Last week we published a Thriving Dentist Show titled; ‘Breaking Free From the Shackles of Insurance’. As usual, Gary published a link to the new Show on Facebook with a short summary of the content of the Show. In the comments, Dr. Tarun Agarwal indicated that he really appreciates Gary’s perspective but he has figured out how to make insurance work in his practice and he proposed a debate on the subject. Dr. Alan Mead, co-creater of The Dental Hacks podcast agreed to moderate the debate. In this Show, Gary, Tarun and Alan discuss; The various types of insurance, how Tarun and Gary both handle insurance in their practices, Tarun’s perspective on the difference between a ‘practice’ and a ‘business’, how to be insurance-friendly in any format, how to answer the question; ‘do you take my insurance’ and host of other details around the topic of insurance. The show concludes with a stimulating discussion about the real issue that holds most practices from achieving their potential!

BUSTING LOOSE From Insurance Dependence in Your Dental Practice