Specific Strategies One Dentist is Using to Thrive in 2016 with Dr. Louis Kaufman

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Running Time: 59 minutes

One of the reasons that Gary produces this Thriving Dentist Show is to share the cool things that Dentists are doing to thrive today. In this Show Gary brings back a returning guest, Dr. Lou Kaufman from Chicago to share the things that are working for him in 2016. In this information-filled interview Gary and Lou discuss; How Lou is using Nucalm in his practice to help patients relax and reduce the stress of a dental visit, the four elements of the science behind Nucalm, how Lou is staying competitive and independent in a very saturated market, the importance of planting esthetic seeds for patients and how Lou successfully approaches comprehensive treatment planning without overwhelming patients. You will LOVE Lou’s ‘real world’ approach to practice success!

Link to previous Thriving Dentist Show interview with Lou
‘Minimally Prepped Veneers, CBCT and other Practice Building Strategies’

Lou’s email address: loukauf [at] gmail [dot] com

Nucalm website: www.nucalm.com

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