Everything you Need to Know About Your Disability Insurance with Frank Darras

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Running Time: 54 minutes

Disability insurance is one of those topics that most Dentists don’t even think about until you need to file a claim. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews Frank Darras, the founder of America’s top disability law firm. Frank helps protect Dentists by educating them on the details of their disability insurance policy. In this important interview Gary and Frank discuss; the four most common individual disability policies that Dentists need to know about, whether you should pay your policy through your practice or pay it personally, the details of business overhead expense coverage, important clauses in your policy that you MUST know about, the disadvantages of group long term disability coverage, how ERISA impacts disability insurance and the top 10 reason disability claims are denied. This is a very important topic and Frank is passionate about helping you understand the details!

Frank’s website: www.darraslaw.com

Frank’s email address: frank [at] darraslaw [dot] com

Frank’s phone number: 800-458-4577

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