Women in Dentistry with Roger Adams MBA

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Running Time: 51 minutes

Within the last 10 years the gender demographics in
dentistry has shifted radically. Today, more than 50% of Dental Students
currently enrolled in Dental School are women and more women are owning
dental practices and assuming leadership roles in the dental profession.
To address this important topic, Gary interviewed his friend Roger Adams
of the topic of these changing demographics and what this means to the
dental profession. In this interview Gary and Roger discuss; the
changing demographics, the impact these changes are having on the
profession, why this is an important topic for anyone in the dental
profession and prominent women dentists who are assuming leadership
positions in dentistry. Gary and Roger also discuss the upcoming Women
in Dentistry Conference at the Canyon Resort in Park City, UT. This is a
very important topic and you’ll enjoy Gary and Roger’s discussion!

Roger’s website: www.drbicuspid.com

Website for the Women in Dentistry Conference: www.WID.drbicuspid.com

Roger’s email address: radams [at] imvinfo [dot] com

DrBicuspid on Twitter: www.twitter.com/drbicuspid

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