Roy Shelburne DDS a Prisoner Set Free

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Running Time: 50 minutes

This may be the most important Thriving Dentist Show we have published to date. In this Show, Gary interviews Dr. Roy Shelburne about the experience that turned his life upside down. Roy practiced dentistry in what was once his grandfather’s hardware store in a small town in Virginia for over 20 years. Roy had a very typical existence as a small town Dentist until an FBI investigation, jury trial, conviction and ultimately serving a 19 month prison sentence significantly altered the course of his career. In this very candid interview, Roy shares his story in the hopes that this nightmare doesn’t happen to you! The good news is that there are ways to prevent what happened to Roy from happening to you and Roy shares specific advice to help you avoid serious legal issues. One of the most amazing aspects of this story is that through it all Roy never let his experiences turn him bitter, but rather, he has used his story as a rallying point to help his colleagues. This is truly an interview that every Dentist needs to hear!

Roy’s website:

Roy’s email address: roy_shelburne [at] hotmail [dot] com

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