Tips to Fuel your Career with Dr. Nilesh Parmar

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Running Time: 57 minutes

If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show you know that Gary believes that Dentistry truly does ROCK! One of the many reasons that Gary believes this is because of the remarkable people in the dental profession. This Thriving Dentist Show will introduce you to Dr. Nilesh Parmar, a truly amazing young Dentist from London. In this interview, Gary and Nilesh discuss; why he became a Dentist and the wonderful influence of his father, the advanced post-graduate education that has been so important to Nilesh, tips for building a new office, the challenges that Dentists are facing at the moment and the super cool things that Nilesh is doing to give back to his community. You’ll love to hear about you can combine fast cars, racetracks and charity in one brilliant project!

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