Transform Your Practice Into an Oral/Systemic Specialist with Charles Whitney MD

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Running Time: 56 minutes

There is an abundance of emerging research showing the connection between oral and systemic health. Today we know that if a patient has an infection in their gums they are at greater risk of experiencing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pre-ecclampsia (early-term birth), certain forms of cancer (OSC and pancreatic) and now new research demonstrating a possible link to dementia, alzheimer’s disease and fertility. Our guest for this Thriving Dentist Show is Charles Whitney MD, one of the most recognized authorities on the oral/systemic connection from the medical perspective. In this thought-provoking interview, Gary and Chip discuss the topic of 3rd Era Dentistry and what that means to you, how to connect with the medical community in your area and how to transform your practice into one that is recognized as an oral/systemic specialist. This is powerful information that will not only help you develop a stronger practice but will likely result in saving some lives as well!

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