The 3 ‘C’s for a Thriving Dental Practice with Dr. David Rice

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Running Time: 52 minutes

Gary interviewed Dr. David Rice for an earlier episode of the Thriving Dentist Show where they discussed how to accelerate your practice at every stage of your career via vision, leadership and excellent communication skills. This show was so popular that Gary decided to bring David back to discuss his perspective on the 3 ‘C’s of a thriving practice. Those 3 ‘C’s are Clinical Excellence, Convenience and Creating Missionaries. In addition to discussing these 3 ‘C’s, Gary and David discuss how technology fits into accelerating a practice, the technologies that have made the biggest difference for David, why CAD-CAM Dentistry is valuable today and will be even more valuable in the future and the best way to integrate technology in your practice. You’ll enjoy David’s perspective on these 3 ‘C’s and his passion for helping his colleagues!

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