How to Stay in Love With Dentistry for Over 40 Years with Dr. Bill Williams

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Running Time: 54:03 min

One of the very cool parts of the dental profession is the amazing people who have chosen to make dentistry their life work. In this inspiring Show, Gary interviews his great friend Dr. Bill Williams. Gary has known Bill for over 30 years and they have shared time on the stage together and maintained a wonderful friendship over these years. In this interview Gary and Bill discuss; the events that resulted in Bill being virtually broke after 15 years in practice despite having a very successful practice, how he rebounded and started a new practice from scratch that went from -0- to over $5 Million in annual collections in less than 10 years, why Bill is still in love with dentistry after more than 40 years, his book Marketing the Million Dollar Practice, and the magic behind him 5M Masters Academy. This interview is filled with information you can use today to develop a thriving practice!

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