24 Systems for a Thriving Dental Practice with Gary Takacs

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Running Time: 51:50 min

Gary is an advocate of a ‘systems’ approach to practice success. Having the appropriate systems in your practice will allow you to improve your practice performance, create consistency and reduce stress in your practice. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary defines the 24 most important business systems in your practice then he provides a description of each system including a way to measure your performance whenever possible. As part of this Show, Gary also describes how systems degrade over time and why it is so important to audit your systems periodically. He recommends a very practical way to audit your 24 systems on a regular basis. You will LOVE this Thriving Dentist Show, it’s filled with useful information!

Gary’s email address: gary [at] takacslearningcenter [dot] com

Website: www.takacslearningcenter.com

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