No More Bloody Prophy’s with Karoline Biami RDH

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Gary is passionate about the topic of diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. Based in the incidence of perio disease in the adult population, it is an epidemic. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews Karoline Biami RDH. Karoline has a unique background that allows her to understand the challenges of implementing a proper perio protocol in a general practice. Karoline practiced for 5 years as a Dentist in Brazil before coming to the US. She then practiced for 3 years and a Dental Assistant and for the past 5 years she has practiced as a hygienist. In this interview, Gary and Karoline discuss; the benefits of implementing a perio protocol, the connection between oral health and whole body health, the economic benefits of a proper perio protocol, how to get your entire team on the same page, 4 specific steps in an ideal perio protocol, and why keeping it SIMPLE is so important. You will LOVE Karoline’s passion about perio and her commitment to help her colleagues.

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