How to Slay the Insurance Monster with Deana Zost

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One of the hottest topics in dentistry today is how to reduce insurance dependency in your practice. A significant reasons why office overhead is increasing is that Dentists have not been able to raise their fees enough to compensate for the increased costs of doing business, largely because of insurance fee limitations. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his good friend, Dean Zost about specific strategies to reduce insurance dependency in your practice. Deana is an excellent authority on this topic because she has experienced both sides of the situation. She has worked in insurance-based practices and today she is an office manager in a practice that is largely fee-for-service with just one PPO. Deana truly believes that Dentists have a choice and she shares some awesome tips to reduce insurance dependency in this inspiring interview. You will love her perspective especially at the end when she asks the question; “Why in the world would you discount your worth when you provide such a gift to your patients?”

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