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The dental profession is going through fundamental changes right now. Last week Gary’s good friend, Fred Joyal wrote a blog post titled, ‘Darwin Comes to Dentistry; Are You Evolving?’ This is absolutely a must read for all Dentists. Here’s a link to this blog post: http://bit.ly/1nYZEoW. Fred was spot on in identifying the forces impacting dentistry today as well as his recommendations for what to do to evolve amid these changes and thrive. This information was so timely that Gary decided to interview Fred for the Thriving Dentist Show and discuss the importance of evolving to survive and thrive. In this interview Gary and Fred discuss the 6 main forces that are impacting dentistry today. Fred explains these as not just trends, but tectonic shifts! Fred and Gary then make 7 specific recommendations to navigate these changes and evolve so that you can thrive now and in the future.


Fred’s Book: Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth
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