The Competitive Advantage of Mastering SEO with Mike Pedersen

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Mastering the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important element of a successful digital marketing strategy. Many people today will search the internet to find a Dentist and and a successful SEO strategy can result in quality new patient flow to your practice. In this interview, Gary interviews his friend Mike Pedersen on the topic of SEO with specific tips that will help you become listed on page 1 when a potential patients is searching your local area for a Dentist. In this information-packed interview Gary and Mike discuss; the benefits of an effective SEO strategy, the importance of being found on page 1, how long it might take you to get listed on page 1, and the most important factor regarding SEO that every Dentist needs to know. The information in this Show will help you use the power of the internet to attract quality new patients!

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