Brilliant Tips to Welcome New Patients Into Your Practice with Debra Englehardt-Nash

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How new patients come into your practice can set the stage to an awesome experience. In this amazing interview, Practice Management Consultant Debra Englehardt-Nash shares some powerful information on how to handle the new patient phone call. There is a great deal of misinformation on this subject today and Debra sets the record straight on how to properly welcome new patients into your office. Debra and Gary discuss how to set your office apart on that first call, the importance of the proper ‘tone’, why that new patient should never be put on hold or interrupted, how to get the information you need without interrogating the caller and how to inform patients about the unique qualities of your practice on that initial call. Debra then discusses her format for the Pre-Operative Visit for the bigger cases in your practice. Her tips will help you radically reduce cancellations and no-shows and also help you to get paid in advance of providing the care. Debra offers brilliant tips that can be immediately applied in your practice. This is a must-listen for the Dentist and the entire Team!

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