How Thriving Dentists Can Avoid Becoming a Victim of Embezzlement with David Harris

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Embezzlement against Dentists is a serious problem.  Published statistics suggest that the chance of a Dentist being defrauded in his or her career exceeds 60% and those that become victims will experience on an average loss of $110,000. To help you avoid becoming a victim, Gary interviewed his friend David Harris also known as; ‘The Dental Fraud Guru’. David is a licensed private investigator, with a graduate business degree and a professional accounting designation. He is the President of prosperident, the only company in North America specializing in the detection, investigation and remediation of embezzlements committed against dentists. In this interview, David and Gary discuss three things about embezzlement that will surprise you, how embezzlement is related to trends in the economy, why the information that most Dentists have been told about embezzlement is wrong and the one thing you need to take away from this interview. This is crucial information that will hopefully spare you the financial and emotional consequences of embezzlement.


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