The Future of Digital Education in Dentistry with Dr. Dhru Shah

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As a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show, you know that Gary and I are quite passionate about technology and digital content. After all, it is through the magic of digital technology that allows us to bring you this podcast! And the truly amazing thing is that this technology means that Dentists from 102 countries have now downloaded the Thriving Dentist Show. Gary gets frequent emails from Dentists in remote countries saying they Love the Show and thanking his for providing this useful content. The world truly is shrinking and technology makes it easier to connect with people throughout the world. Today we have a very special guest on the Show who is as passionate as Gary and I about digital technology. Dr. Dhru Shah is the co-founder of Dentinal Tubules, an online community based in the UK that is a learning portal for all things dentistry. The site is truly amazing and we are very excited to have Dr. Shah on the show.

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