How to Achieve Optimal Perception with Janice Hurley Trailor, The Image Expert

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A number of years ago the Canon Photography company developed an award-winning advertising campaign with the slogan, ‘Image is Everything’.  You might remember that Andre Agassi, the tennis champion, was the spokesperson for this advertising campaign. They were absolutely right, image is everything! How you see yourself and how others see you is critical to your practice success, yet it can be difficult to see yourself as others perceive you. The topic of Image is one subject that Gary has particular interest and he has invited his friend, Janice Hurley-Trailor as our special guest today. Janice is known as the Image Expert and has over 25 years of experience helping dramatically improve the results of professional practices by enhancing the Image they present.

The clothes we wear are part of our image, but Image is so much more than the clothes we wear. Image also includes body language, tone of voice, pace of speaking, volume, and many other factors that send immediate messages to your patients and your team members. These messages can have a radical impact on how patients receive your information and how they respond to your recommendations. I am really excited about our interview today and how this information can help you achieve optimal perception!

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