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Our goal here at Thriving Dentist Show is to help as many patients as possible enjoy the benefits of great oral health. We do that by teaching Dentists how to develop a THRIVING practice. In addition to helping patients have excellent oral heath we also LOVE helping patients have a beautiful smile……no…….make that a gorgeous smile!! This type of dentistry is so rewarding because it can literally be life-changing for the patient! Although Gary is not a clinician, he has been a practice management instructor at some of the finest cosmetic dentistry post-graduate programs in the world. Through teaching in these programs, Gary has developed very close friendships with some really amazing Dentists. Today we are extremely fortunate to have a very special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show who is a leader in teaching Dentists how to provide patients with the smile of their dreams. Our special guest today is Dr. Dennis Wells from Nashville, TN. We are excited to have Dr. Wells on our show today. Welcome, Dr. Wells!

Dr. Wells is the founder of the Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry where he has a thriving practice focusing on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Wells has been providing gorgeous smiles for over 25 years he received accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 1994. One of the unique things about Dr. Wells is that he is one of those unique individuals that can both do and teach it. He is absolutely passionate about teaching other Dentists how to provide beautiful smiles and is a pioneer in finding new solutions to help patients. Dr. Wells is the creator of DURAthin veneers that are changing the way many dentists are approaching cosmetic dentistry. This revolutionary approach eliminates some of the concerns about removing healthy tooth structure. We are thrilled to learn from Dr. Wells today.

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