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In two earlier episodes of Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Farran shared some very practical tips that Dentists need to be doing now to thrive in the contracted economy. These two episodes have become some of the most downloaded podcasts in Thriving Dentist Show history. If you have not listened to these earlier shows, let me encourage you to visit iTunes and download them. In show #17, Dr. Farran discussed why Dentists need to lower their costs and how they can specifically lower their costs of doing business today. In show #18, Dr. Farran discusses the importance of marketing and why Dentists should be investing more in marketing to thrive today. We are very excited to have Dr. Farran back on the Thriving Dentist Show today to continue this discussion about what Dentists must do to thrive in today’s economy. Dr. Farran’s experience from lecturing in 40 countries and his connection with over 150,000 practicing Dentists on DentalTown provide him an invaluable perspective on what Dentists must do to THRIVE today.

Gary and Dr. Farran discuss tips number 3 & 4 for thriving today. Tip #3 is the importance of adding services and tip #4 is lower fees. Both of these tips are extremely important when viewed from the patient perspective and keeping this patient perspective in focus is an absolute key to having a thriving practice in any economy. I’m especially interested in hearing Dr. Farran’s concepts about lowering fees since that may be one very important factor in helping more patients enjoy great oral health.

Let’s re-define the four specific things that you feel Dentists need to be doing to THRIVE today.

1) Lower costs
2) Invest more in marketing
3) Add services
4) Lower fees

Tip #3 is the importance of adding services. Tell us why it is important for Dentists to add services today and what specific services are the most important to add?

Tip #4 is to lower fees. Conventional wisdom is that Dentists should increase their fees on a regular basis. Why do you think this conventional wisdom is nonsense and why Dentists should figure out how to lower their fees as a pathway to greater success?


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