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This Show is all about how to develop a THRIVING dental practice. One of the most important elements of a thriving practice is the ability to consistently attract quality new patients. New patient flow is the lifeblood of a thriving practice. While there are many elements that make up a thriving practice, and we have covered many of these topics in past shows the fact remains that new patient flow is often the single most significant difference between a thriving practice and a struggling practice. One of Gary’s most popular courses is titled; Dental Marketing 2012: How to Consistently Attract Quality New Patients and Gary and I discussed how you can develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your own practice.

Marketing is not only critical for your business success, but there are also strong community service reasons to master marketing. Sadly, the American Dental Association reports that in 2010, less than 50% of the adult population in the US is visiting the dentist on a regular basis. That percentage has not changed on bit in the 60 years that the ADA has been reporting this data. Given the connection between good oral health and good systemic health it is more important than ever to ‘invite’ new patients into your practice and help them get on the path to great oral and general health. This is a fantastic time to be in the dental profession and the marketing opportunities are endless.

The three ‘silos’ of a successful marketing plan.
1. Internal marketing – Informs patients of benefits of moving forward in their treatment and makes them raving fans who tell others about your service.
2. External marketing – Traditional marketing
3. Digital marketing – The new digital marketing

Let’s go into detail in each marketing segment. Outline the three most successful things to do in the area of internal marketing.

Internal Marketing
1. Make evening “we care” calls to patients who received an injection. This makes it a system.
2. Hand-written thank you notes.
3. Ask for referrals

External Marketing
Now let’s discuss external marketing strategies. What are the three most successful external strategies you recommend?
1. Direct mail is not dead
2. Make NFL quality mouth guards
3. Wellness hour

Digital Marketing
1. Strong web site
2. Mobile web site – Al Faretti mobile web site episode
3. Social media presence – Episode #6
4. On-line reviews – Pick someone who will give a good review and pick a person to ask them for the review.

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