Converting New Patients into Patients for Life with Fred Joyal

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Marketing is vital to creating a thriving dental practice. In this episode we visit with Fred Joyal of 1-800-DENTIST. We all know that patients are the lifeblood of a successful dental practice and the key to THRIVING! A practice is essentially a ‘Tribe’ or community of people who value and appreciate the care they receive by the Dentist and team. Fred will share some concepts that will help you convert callers and visitors to patients for life.

Potential patient versus patient

The advertising funnel and what you need to know about how this funnel works

The difference between a ‘media generated’’ referral and a traditional word of mouth referral.

The telephone as the single most important piece of equipment in the dental office!

1-800-DENTIST, Patient Activator & Pay-Per-Lead Program
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Running Time 52:54

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