Computers, High Technology and Digital Impressions with Dr. Paul Feuerstein

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Dr. Paul Feuerstein is one of dentistry’s all time good guys! In addition to being a practicing Dentist, Paul is the Technology Editor for Dental Economics and he hosts the world-famous ‘High Technology Playground’ at the Yankee Dental Congress Show every January. In 2010 he was presented the Clinician of the Year by the Yankee Dental Congress.

In this wide ranging interview, Gary and Paul talk about current trends in computers in the dental office including a very timely discussion of the future of cloud-based software systems. Incidentally. Paul was one of the first Dentists in the US to install a computer system in his office in 1978! Paul then discusses 3 pieces of technology he feels are absolute necessities today and then Gary and Paul discuss the benefits of current digital impression systems. This Show is a must-listen for all Dentists interested in technology today!

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