The Connection Between Oral and Systemic Health from the Physician’s Perspective with Dr. Charles Whitney

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We are learning more every day about the connection between oral and systemic health. In this fascinating interview Dr. Charles (Chip) Whitney shares compelling new information about why Dentists should be serious about diagnosing and treating periodontal disease today. In this interview Dr. Whitney discusses some new research demonstrating a possible link to periodontal disease, he provides a summary of his keynote address at the recent American Academy of Oral and Systemic Health (AAOSH) Conference, and his views about the coming Third Era of Medicine and why the future is exciting for Dentists. He also shares some great tips for how Dentists can successfully reach out to their Physician colleagues.

Dr. Whitney Website:

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Link to Dr. Whitney’s ‘Oral Bacteremia: The Cavity in Healthcare’

Link to patient handout, ‘Should You Worry About a Little Blood in the Sink?’


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