What’s New & Exciting in the World of Perio with Dr. Alex Bankhead

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Periodontal disease is an epidemic in the US and getting serious about diagnosing and treating perio disease is not only an excellent practice builder but also a pathway to greater overall health for your patients. Dr. Alex Bankhead is a world-renowned authority on perio and in this interview he shares his passion for perio and dental implants. In this interview, Gary and Alex discuss the oral/systemic connection, how to establish solid protocols to diagnose and treat perio disease today and some of the new advancements in the world of dental implants. This is a great interview sure to inspire your interest in diagnosing and treating perio disease and dental implants.

Dr. Alex Bankhead’s Website:¬† www.perioviews.com

Dr. Alex Bankhead’s Email Address:¬† drbankhead@perioviews.com


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