The Role of Office Design in a Thriving Dental Practice with James Kuester

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One of the elements of a thriving dental practice is a great facility! One that you and your team enjoying working in and your patients enjoy visiting. Gary built his ideal facility in April 2011 and he knows firsthand the importance of a great office. One of the goals that Gary had when he built his new office was to strike a delicate balance. He wanted the office to be attractive and comfortable yet not so fancy that it might scare off some patients. I think he achieved that balance! If you are ever in Phoenix, please consider this an open invitation to come visit Gary’s office. Just email him and he will be happy to host your visit. In this episode we are very fortunate to have one of Gary’s friends and an amazing authority on dental office design as a guest on our Show. James Kuester is an expert on dental office design and he is also a LEED Green Associate and understands the elements of green dental office design. We are excited to have him as a guest on the show.

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