Startup vs Acquisition: Which Option is Best for You? with Jayme Amos

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Running Time: 66 minutes
Jayme Amos
There are some so called experts that will tell you that it is no longer possible to open a dental practice from scratch. However, our guest on this Thriving Dentist Show has helped hundreds of Dentists successfully open a dental practice from scratch and these Dentists have discovered that a startup was their best path to practice ownership. In this interview Gary and Jayme discuss; Why Dentists should consider a startup, how to evaluate your risk in starting a practice from scratch, the exact formula you can use to determine if you can afford a startup, how to determine if you are better suited to a startup or an acquisition, the first steps you should take when considering a startup and how to choose the right practice location. You will love Jayme’s knowledge and passion for helping Dentists become practice owners via the startup process!

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