Thriving Dentist Show iPod Nano


Episodes 1-50 of the Thriving Dentist Show are now available on an iPod Nano providing many hrs of incredible content!

We have made the Thriving Dentist Show available as a product for your convenience. The 50 episodes are pre-loaded onto an Apple iPod Nano ready to play! Nothing to download or sync, just open the box and play! Listen in your car or at the gym or share the Nano with your team members.  ….READ MORE

Product Description

In these Thriving Dentist Show episodes you will hear me interview some of the most respected authorities in dentistry.  In addition to these amazing guests, I provide specific content on; The New Patient Experience, How to Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan, and the story of how Dr. Nielson & I bought a fixer-upper practice & turned it into a thriving practice.

The normal price of the Thriving Dentist Show on iPod Nano is $397……..However we are providing a Special Clearance Price of $197 + $10 shipping fee for all orders received online.   Order now and take advantage of this special offer!


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