‘ProCare-Dental Coverage Controlled by Dentists and Patients’ with Qadeer Ahmed

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Running Time: 67 minutes

It is no secret that the current system of dental insurance is totally broken! The current system only benefits the Insurance companies. Employers, Patients and Dentists all lose in the current system. Gary invited his friend Qadeer Ahmed on this Thriving Dentist Show to share how he and his Team have created a system that corrects all the flaws in the current system. In this Show, Gary and Qadeer discuss; Why quality of care MUST be central to any patient benefit program, a discussion of how the current dental insurance system is completely broken, the story of a Dentist from Seattle who offered a free clinic day and experienced a line of people over two miles long to receive care and the reality was that the vast majority of these people had jobs and in some cases multiple jobs!, how ProCare addresses the flaws of the current insurance system and provides significant benefits for Employers, Patients and Dentists alike. You will enjoy the ‘origin story’ of ProCare and Qadeer’s passion for building a system that corrects all the flaws in the current insurance system. Ultimately, Qadeer’s goal is to help more patients receive the care they need and deserve and that is a powerful motivator, indeed!

To receive detailed information about ProCare, text procare to 44222
Click here: https://thrivingdentist.lpages.co/procare-dental-services/

You will receive access to a recorded webinar provided by Qadeer that covers complete details about ProCare and how their Member Benefit Program is going to radically change the current broken system of dental insurance. ProCare is designed to benefit the Employers by lowering premiums, the Patients by providing better benefits, and Dentists by paying you your full fee.

BUSTING LOOSE From Insurance Dependence in Your Dental Practice