New Year, New You: 7 Strategies to Make 2017 Your Healthiest Year Yet! with Dr. Uche Odiatu

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Running Time: 65 minutes

Ralph Waldo Emerson said; “The First Wealth is Health” and he was absolutely right! Good health is critically important if you are to achieve your full potential as a Dentist. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his fitness inspiration and mentor, Dr. Uche Odiatu to share his 7 strategies to make 2017 your healthiest year yet. In this interview Gary and Uche discuss these 7 strategies;
1) Stand and deliver
2) Sleep, you can’t sleep poorly and be 100% healthy
3) Gut flora is the new black
4) Workout your brain daily
5) Fast to last, 3 meals + 2 snacks is old news
6) Make exercise part of your daily routine
7) Java Health; coffee gets the thumbs up!

You will love Uche’s wisdom and passion for health and fitness and his practical approach at making health and wellness accessible for busy professionals.

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