Mastering Dental Marketing

New patients are the lifeblood of a THRIVING dental practice today! The challenge is how to develop an effective marketing plan that will allow you to consistently attract quality new patients. We realize that many dentists are struggling to find marketing techniques that work today. There are countless marketing options today and the sheer amount of choices are daunting and confusing. To help gain more quality new patients, we have produced a series of videos featuring successful strategies that are working today. These are not academic or theory, but these are the exact marketing strategies we are using with success in my own practice today. Here’s the great news……….The videos are FREE! See all the videos below and be sure to subscribe to Gary’s mailing list on our home page to receive more videos and updates from him in the future.


Introduction to Mastering Dental Marketing:


Video 1: Gary Takacs condenses his half-day course titled, ‘Mastering Dental Marketing’ into a powerful 37 minute video defining exactly what works in internal marketing, external marketing, and digital marketing. The information he presents is drawn from his direct experience in his practice in Phoenix, AZ and from the experience of working with clients throughout the country. These are tested and proven solutions.


Video 2: Jack Hadley from My Social Practice talks about how social media can help you brand your practice and how you can easily use the 4 more important social media channels.


Video 3: Al Ferretti from MakingMobi talks about mobile marketing and why every practice needs a mobile website (Hint: more than 50% of all searches are done on mobile devices!).


Video 4: Mike Shoun from Affordable Image talks about how to use direct mail in 2013 (Think direct mail is old school?..THINK AGAIN!)


Video 5: Brad Stewart from Sum Media shares a very simple way to dramatically increase patient referrals.


Video 6: Randy Alvarez from the Wellness Hour shows you how to become THE trusted dental authority in your town.