Hustle Your Way to a Thriving Dental Practice with Tiger Safarov

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Running Time: 61 minutes

One of Gary’s favorite quotes comes from Coach John Wooden; “Nothing will work unless you do.” This Thriving Dentist Show is with Tiger Safarov, a person who absolutely represents the hustle work ethic! Tiger came to the US from Russia in 2005 and has created a number of successful dental businesses including a construction company that has built over 100 dental offices, and a dental supply company that is radically changing the way Dentists order supplies. In this Show, Gary and Tiger discuss; What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, the myth of the work/life balance and a better way to achieve the balance that you desire, the immigrant advantage and how to apply this to your dental practice, tips to have a successful experience building your dental office, how to master dental supply inventory management and why team first is a requirement to achieving a successful dental practice. You will really enjoy Tiger’s work ethic and his tips to Thriving in 2017 and beyond!

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