How to Use Team Culture and Cause Marketing to Build a Thriving Practice with Michael McHenry

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Running Time: 67 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Michael McHenry on the topic of how to use Team Culture and Cause Marketing to build a thriving practice. Michael’s formal title is President of Even Stevens, one of the hottest restaurant concepts in the US today, but he is better known as the ‘Chief Sandwich Giver’. You’ll learn what this title means in this interview! In this Show Gary and Michael discuss; Why it’s so important to create clarity of your mission, how to hire to your mission, tips to create a team of individuals that know how to make a difference, the one question to ask when interviewing a new person for your team, why cause marketing is such a powerful marketing activity and why the formula of ‘compassion meets action’ is great way to lead your team. Michael is a young Executive who is making a difference and you will really enjoy his passion for building an amazing business!

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March 17-18 in Phoenix, AZ

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