How to go from Burned Out to Fired Up! with Jamie Marboe RDH

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Running Time: 58 minutes

Let’s face the reality that most Dentists will experience some degree of burn out at some stage in their career. Gary invited his friend Jamie Marboe to address this critical topic with the goal of sharing some proactive strategies that can help you avoid professional burn out. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary and Jamie discuss; How to keep yourself motivated to be better tomorrow than you are today, tips that will keep you enthused and motivated, very specific strategies to work smarter not harder, how to strike a more effective work/life balance, the science and physiology behind motivation, How to keep your hygienist from feeling like ‘Mouth Maids’, the one thing you want to eliminate from ever happening again in your office and the interview concludes with a stimulating discussion about ‘Carefrontation’. Here’s to helping you stay fired up throughout your career!

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