How to Convert New Callers into Appointments and Loyal Patients with Ashley Latter

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Running Time: 64 minutes

Your telephone is the single most important piece of equipment in your dental office because it is the conduit through which your patients flow into your practice! In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Ashley Latter on how to convert callers into appointments and loyal patients. In this Show Gary and Ashley discuss; The concept of your reception team members as ‘Directors of First Impressions’, why many team members unconsciously act as ‘Sales Prevention Officers’ and how to avoid this situation, how to quickly develop rapport and relationship with callers, the four-step process that any team member who answers the phone must follow and throughout the interview Ashley shares great verbal skills for your business team members. This podcast interview is excellent content for your next Team Meeting!

Link to Ashley’s Books, both of these books are brilliant reading for your entire Team!:

Ashley’s website:

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