Dental Practice Hero; From Ordinary Practice to Extraordinary Experience with Paul Etchison DDS

Exceptional patient service is the ‘secret sauce’ that sets every world-class dental practice apart. Many patients want to go to a dental practice where they are taken care of by a Dentist and Team who they know, like and trust.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Paul Etchison to share his thoughts on how to create an extraordinary patient experience.

In this Show, Gary and Paul discuss;

  • How Paul successfully opened a scratch practice in 2009 in one of the most competitive areas of the country (suburbs of Chicago) and developed it into a top 1% practice,
  • why Paul wrote his book; Dental Practice Hero, 
  • his own personal journey from ordinary to extraordinary,
  • how he and his Team have earned more than 600 Google Reviews,
  • the importance of developing a true Team where everyone is on board and working together toward common goals and objectives,
  • the seven most important systems to create in your practice,
  • 4 brilliant communication tips to strengthen and enhance your Team,
  • how your Leadership and Systems can transform your practice and improve your life and the lives of your Team Members AND your patients!

You will enjoy Paul’s story and his passion for helping his colleagues!

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