Confessions of an “Average Dentist” Part 2 with Dr. Mike Ditolla

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If you are a regular listener to the Thriving Dentist Show, you know that it is unusual for us to have a return guest on the show. That is a tribute to Gary’s vast amount of friends in dentistry. You know we have had some amazing guests on past shows and we have even more scheduled for future interviews. However, we had such an incredible time with Dr. Michael Ditolla on the last show that we simply had to invite him back for round two of ‘The Confessions of an Average Dentist!” As the clinical director of Glidewell Laboratories, the largest dental lab in the world, Dr. Ditolla gets to see tens of thousands of preps and impressions from dentists on a monthly basis and he has intimate knowledge of the common habits of the dentists that are getting the best clinical results. It’s Dr. Ditolla’s mission to share the best techniques to help dentists their preps, impressions and restorations. Welcome back, Dr. Ditolla!


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