Coaching Services

A Proven Resource For Practice Enhancement

The ‘Business of Dentistry’ has become increasingly complicated. Success today not only requires clinical excellence, but also requires you to have strong business management skills as well. As a result of consulting with dental offices from 48 states and Canada, Gary has the experience to know exactly what it takes to master the ‘Business of Dentistry’ in today’s challenging times.

By visiting your office and understanding your goals, Gary is able to provide recommendations that are tailored precisely for your particular needs and objectives.  His ongoing support ensures that lasting results are achieved. The end result is improved practice performance; now and long into the future.

Gary’s consulting and coaching services will provide you the opportunity to work on developing your ideal practice by providing the exact information you need improve and enhance your practice. This happens in a format that is convenient and includes your entire team.


Finally, Consulting That Makes Sense

Gary’s consulting services begin by getting to know you and your practice. Typically, the initial visit begins with a dinner meeting between you and Gary, where you provide the history and background of the practice. During this dinner meeting you also define short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for the practice.

The next day, you schedule about 2/3’s of a ‘typical’ working day with patients.Garywill observe your practice in operation and make note of where improvements and enhancements can be made. Toward mid-afternoon,Garyconducts a very detailed training session for the entire dental team. The specific agenda for the afternoon training session would be co-developed by you and Gary prior to the visit and would be designed to address your specific needs.

This agenda of this initial in-office consulting session is carefully constructed for two reasons. First of all, we strongly believe that before we can make any recommendations we need to understand your office. That is why time is devoted to learning the practice history and background and that is also why the morning observation session is so important. In this observation session,Garygets the opportunity to see your office in operation and note firsthand the areas that could be enhanced and improved. No generic recommendations here!!!

The second reason for this agenda is a practical issue. We realize that most dental offices cannot afford to lose an entire day of production to conduct a training session………no matter how important the training!! By scheduling 2/3’s of a day with patients, you will be able to maintain production and accomplish an important training session.


Ongoing Support

Following his initial visit,Garywill design and tailor a program of ongoing support. A partial list of these services will include:

  •         Monitoring of key practice data
  •         Periodic in-office visits for team member training
  •         Telephone access and support for doctor and the entire team
  •         Establishment and review of core business systems in the practice
  •         Study Club meetings with other progressive doctors
  •         Development of specific performance goals for the office
  •         Periodic strategic planning sessions for doctor and spouse

Details & Results

Curriculum:         While the specific services are tailored to the individual needs of each client, a partial list of possible topics might include:

                           Improving payment performance

                           Reducing insurance dependency

                           Developing the hygiene department to its full potential: Making hygiene a profit center…not a loss leader

                           Controlling office overhead: Getting your profitability where it belongs

                          Marketing: How to consistently attract quality new patients to your office

                          How to deliver ultimate patient service: Developing patients who are raving fans of your office

                         Scheduling improvement: A system to have more perfect days

                         Team-Building: Working together to build the ideal dental team

                         Understanding and tracking office vital statistics

                         Building the cosmetic component: Transitioning from needs-based care to wants-based care

A Personalized Approach:    Each dental office is very unique and individual. Consequently, Gary’s consulting and coaching services are customized to fit your particular needs. Recommendations will be made after seeing your office, meeting your team, and observing the operation of your practice. The result is an action plan that is carefully tailored to help you succeed in your practice to achieve your goals.

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