Personalized Dental Coaching

In his consulting work, Gary recognizes that each practice is very unique and individual and he takes great effort to customize solutions that are tailored to meet each doctor’s goals and objectives. Gary’s consulting services are unique in the industry in that he does not require any long-term contracts. His objective is to deliver so many results and so much value that you want to continue using his services.

coach1Many dentists understand the frustration of trying to improve their practice. You can be so busy working in your practice that it is difficult to find the time to work on your practice. Gary’s consulting and coaching services will provide you the opportunity to work on developing your ideal practice by providing the exact information you need to improve and enhance your practice. This happens in a format that is convenient and includes your entire team.

Gary’s consulting services begin by getting to know you and your practice. Typically, the initial visit begins with a dinner meeting between you and Gary, where you provide the history and background of the practice. During this dinner meeting you also define short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for the practice.

The next day, you schedule a ‘typical’ working morning with patients. During this morning session, Gary will observe your practice in operation and make note of where improvements and enhancements can be made. During the afternoon session, Gary conducts a very detailed training session for the entire dental team. The specific agenda for the afternoon training session would be co-developed by you and Gary and would be designed to address your specific needs.

This agenda of this initial in-office consulting session is carefully constructed for two reasons. First of all, we strongly believe that before we can make any recommendations we need to understand your office. In this observation session, Gary will have the opportunity to see your office in operation and note firsthand the areas that could be enhanced and improves. The second reason, by scheduling the morning session with patients, you will be able to maintain production and accomplish an important training session.

talkingRecommendations will be made after seeing your office, meeting your team, and observing the operation of your practice. The result is an action plan that is carefully tailored to help you succeed in your practice to achieve your goals.

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