Must Attend Event: Eco-Dentistry Conference!

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SundanceTechnology allows us to connect in so many ways today yet there is still something very special about like minded people meeting face-to-face. Here is a conference that I’d like you to consider as a MUST attend event.


It’s the 1st Eco-Dentistry Conference being held at the Sundance Resort in Utah, May 3-4, 2013. There are many conferences that you can attend in dentistry. Here’s why you should attend this one:


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Are you ‘All In’?

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All inPardon my enthusiasm………………but DENTISTRY ROCKS!!! Despite the reality of a weak economy, increasing third-party intrusion, and the challenges of controlling overhead, this is indeed an awesome time to be in the dental profession. Here are some reasons why dentistry rocks today.


Think about it. There are very few occupations where you have the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives on a daily basis. It could be something big like restoring a patient’s confidence by providing them with an ideal smile. Or it could be something seemingly small like just listening to a patient who desperately needs someone to listen to them. We literally have  the opportunity to connect with people and make a difference in their lives every day. Not many occupations provide that powerful opportunity!


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Get Some Passion about Whitening!

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Teeth WhiteningIf you have been a regular reader of this blog you know that I am a huge advocate of whitening! I LOVE whitening because it is such a wonderful ‘Gateway Service’ to help patients take a greater interest in their teeth. My hygienists, Kelli and MaryEllen tell me that they often notice that patients brush better, floss more often and are more likely to keep their hygiene appointments after they whiten their teeth. Dr. Nielson notices that patients are more interested in restorative and elective treatment after patients whiten. It such a great practice builder!…………Then why is it that the average practice that offers whitening services only does an average of 1.2 whitening procedures per month? UGHHHH……Let me be blunt…..That is horrible!


There may be many reasons why offices provide so little whitening, but I think the real reason is that you have no passion behind whitening, it’s just another service in your laundry list of services. Recently, my good friend Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience with the Tres White product by Ultradent. I LOVE the passion that Dr. Gorczyca brought to her whitening experience and with her permission, I have reprinted her blog post below. Thanks Dr. Gorczyca for your passion and enthusiasm around whitening!



Where Do You tresWhiten Your Teeth?


RECENTLY, I PREPARED TO ATTEND the American Association of Dental Office Managers meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. Knowing that I would be with colleagues, I needed to get prepared and whiten my teeth with Opalescence treswhite Supreme by Ultradent.


Being a busy orthodontist, wife, and soccer Mom, I have very little time to myself to whiten my teeth when I am not talking. I decided to bring a new box of Opalescence treswhite Supreme whitening trays by Ultradent to my hairdresser’s and whiten my teeth while under the dryer.


At Hair Salon 13 in Walnut Creek, California, I took out my new treswhite box of upper and lower whitening trays and explained to my hairdresser Nancy that I planned to whiten my teeth in the salon under the dryer. My hairdresser was fascinated and wanted a tray so I gave her one. Then the owner of the salon came over and wanted a tray also so I gave her one as well. The hair washer came over, the receptionist came over, and then other clients started asking for trays. Soon, all the trays were gone. Women started showing me their yellow teeth and asking for my business card. Others went on their iPads typing in treswhite Ultradent vowing they would ask their dentists for this wonderful product.


Interest in the salon shifted from my new hair style to how white my teeth would be in 20 minutes. My teeth turned out great (and so did my hairstyle). It’s that easy to whiten your teeth. It’s tres easy with treswhite by Ultradent.


Incidentally, we use the Tres White product in our office and love it! Here’s to helping your patients have the whitest, brightest smile possible. Keep Smiling!


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It’s All About the Company You Keep!

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AADOM FellowsLast week I had the honor of speaking at the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) Conference. This conference happened to be right in my backyard in Scottsdale, AZ and I shared the podium with my great friend, Fred Joyal. The invitation came about over a year ago when Fred called me and asked if I’d like to co-present with him at this conference. I remember thinking that it would be very cool to speak with Fred since we both share a passion for our wonderful profession. The bonus was that the Conference was in Scottsdale and the Host Hotel was just a few minutes from my house. All very cool.


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The Importance of Confidence!

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CameraIf you have been a regular reader of this blog you know that I have deep respect for Dr. Frank Spear. He is an amazing educator and has the unique ability to take a complex subject and distill it into very understandable parts. To do so takes intense skill and understanding of the subject matter. Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Dr. Spear on a retreat. As I sat with him at lunch one day, I asked him the following question; “What are the most important things you would teach a young Dentist today to develop a thriving practice?” Without a moment’s hesitation Dr. Spear said, “I would teach the young Dentist two things. 1) I’d teach the Dentist to use digital photography for patient education. And 2) I would encourage the young Dentist to develop confidence.”


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