The Icarus Dilemma

January 17, 2013  | Posted by: Gary in Blog, Lifelong Learning  |  no Comment

OceanThis blog post will challenge you to think and stretch outside your current comfort zone. If you would prefer not to grow, stop reading now. Otherwise please read on.


I am an avid reader of the work of Seth Godin. He writes a blog he publishes daily ( and has written many books. His latest book is titled The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? Seth’s latest book is the inspiration for this blog post.


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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

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smart goal setting concept

This blog post is about how to set goals for 2013. Research shows that the date when most New Year’s resolutions are broken is January 7. As life continues to accelerate, it appears that our attention span is shortening. Time to re-visit goals.

There is a big difference between a goal and a wish. A goal is a vision for a particular area of your life.  As you might imagine, I’m rather keen on goals. Some time ago I learned a very useful process to follow to successfully set and achieve goals. Consider using the S.M.A.R.T. checklist when setting goals:


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Do Something!

January 08, 2013  | Posted by: Gary in Lifelong Learning  |  no Comment

King of the Hill

Best I can tell, there is one significant difference between Dentists who are massively successful and those who are not. The successful ones do stuff!


Most Dentists take a considerable amount of CE. Way more than is required by your state licensing agency. The successful Dentists take what they learn in these courses and actually do something with it. They take action.


I am reminded of the first client I worked with who had an annual income in excess of $1 Million (not that $’s define success, but income is one way to measure performance). NOTE: This was $1 Million Income, not practice revenue (which was about $1.8 Million).


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Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet!

January 03, 2013  | Posted by: Gary in Blog, Lifelong Learning  |  no Comment

BullIf you are regular reader of this blog you know that I am passionate about dentistry and that I have a optimistic perspective on the future of our profession. We just completed our best year in history in my dental practice and plan on making 2013 better yet!


Why am I so bullish on dentistry? Many reasons, but two come immediately to mind. 1) More than 50% of the adult population are not currently visiting the dentist and 2) People are more interested in health & wellness than ever!

Here are 10 simple things you can do NOW that will make a huge difference in your practice the entire year:



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The Data Never Lie!

December 18, 2012  | Posted by: Gary in Blog, Lifelong Learning  |  no Comment

DarwinThis quote by Charles Darwin seems very appropriate for the Dental Profession today. Dental practices today are polarizing into those that are thriving and those that are struggling.


The world is changing at a rapid pace and the dental offices that are changing and adapting to the new reality are thriving. Those that are not changing and are operating in a ‘business as usual’ format are struggling. It’s that simple….and that difficult at the same time.


As you wrap up 2012, I encourage you to take a close look at your practice data. If your data (production, collection, net income etc…) is improving when compared to 2011, then you are changing and adapting. If not, then you are struggling.


Practices are either growing or they are dying. Sounds brutal, I know. Staying the same is just a slower form of dying because expenses continue to rise each year. So, as you reflect on 2012, take a look at your data. The data never lie. If you don’t like what you see, then what will you do to change it?


Here’s to making 2013 your best year yet!! That’s exactly what I am planning to do. Keep Smiling!

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