Nine Habits of a Happy Dental Professional

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9 HabitsI just returned from speaking at the Dentistry Show in Birmingham, England. It was a great conference attended by thousands of Dentists and Team Members who came from throughout the UK. A highlight of the trip was attending the Heart Your Smile fundraising event on Friday evening. Let me tell you more about the Heart Your Smile Project.


Over a year ago my friend, Dr. James Goolnik and a group of his colleagues decided that it was time to change the public perception of dentistry in the UK. Seems the public perception of dentistry was sour and there was a need to get the public more interested in good oral health. The Heart Your Smile Project was born out of this decision.



The project was created to accomplish the following:


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How to Win Friends & Influence People Dental Style

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One of the best books I have ever read is Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People. I have a well-worn copy of this book in my library that I reread at least every six months. If you have never read this classic on human behavior, run don’t walk and read it now.


In this blog post, I will adapt the tips in the book to the dental profession. There are so many powerful tips that I had trouble selecting the best. Here’s a few:


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Either You Run the Day or the Day Runs You!

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Hand huddleToday I interviewed my good friend Dr. Todd Franklin for my Thriving Dentist Show audio podcast. Todd practices in the town of Lodi, CA and he has created a very strong practice in an area hard hit by the economic downturn. His interview will air in a couple of weeks and you’ll love it. We talk about how you can be successful wherever you are!


Our interview inspired this blog post. In the interview I asked Todd to provide 3 tips to help a Dentist move their practice forward in a positive direction. Without hesitation, his first tip was to always begin the day with a morning huddle.


The morning huddle is an important key to our success and this blog post will outline precisely how to have a successful morning huddle.



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5 Best Ways to Increase Patient Referrals

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MegaphoneIn this blog I have written a bit about marketing and how you can consistently attract quality new patients. Digital Marketing is the ‘shiny new thing’ in dental marketing and I am indeed excited about how technology can be used in your marketing efforts. However, in this blog post I am going old school by discussing the 5 best ways to increase your patient referrals.


Patient referrals are the best form of marketing because patients who are referred to you already arrive in your office with a high degree of trust and confidence. These patients already know and like you. Here’s some useful ways to get more referrals:


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Top 5 Ways to LOVE Dentistry

February 14, 2013  | Posted by: Gary in Blog, Lifelong Learning  |  no Comment

sirc2On this Valentine’s Day, with thoughts of Love in the air, I have a simple question for you to think about. Do you LOVE dentistry?


It has been my life’s work to study successful dental practices and I have noticed that a common denominator of many successful Dentists is that they absolutely love dentistry. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You can be successful without loving what you do, but it is a hollow victory. The real winners are those individuals that truly love what they do. Seems to me that more Dentists could benefit from finding passion in their life’s work.


If you are at a point in your dental career where you could use a bit of a spark to find passion in what you do here is a list of the top 5 ways to love dentistry:



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