Case Conversations that Make it Easy for Patients to Say Yes with Paul Homoly DDS

Developing the skills to help guide your patients to accept ideal treatment is a necessary skill set in a thriving practice.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Paul Homoly to share some insights and tips that will help you continually improve your case presentation skills.

In this Show, Gary and Paul discuss;

  • Why Paul likes to refer the process as ‘Case Conversation’ rather than ‘Case Presentation’,
  • why patient education is overrated and should NOT be your goal in case conversations,
  • why patients need to know more about you rather than the dentistry you are presenting,
  • the proper role of patient education in the process,
  • the concept of ’Standard of Caring’ and how to apply this in your practice,
  • how to apply the concept of influence in your case conversations,
  • a 4-step system to make it easy for patient to say yes to your ideal treatment recommendations,
  • the 4 ‘Chiefs’ and the one question you should ask every patient when discussing their treatment recommendations.

This information that Paul shares in this interview will make a massive difference in your practice!

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Link to Paul’s Online Course: ‘Making it Easy for Patients to Say Yes’

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