‘5 Reasons we are About to Enter a New Golden Age of Dentistry’ with Qadeer Ahmed

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Running Time: 65 minutes

Last week, Gary interviewed his friend Qadeer Ahmed about a Patient Benefits plan that addresses all the ills that are wrong with the current dental insurance system. Let’s face it, the current dental insurance system is broken! The current system suppresses claims. Patients, Dentists and Employers all lose. This is Part II of Gary’s interview with Qadeer Ahmed all about how we are about to enter a new Golden Age of Dentistry. Qadeer brings a deep background in business to the dental profession and he decided to look at the dentistry from a ‘clean slate model’. In doing so, he came up with a five-part plan that will significantly benefit Dentists.

Here are those 5 elements;
1) A coverage plan that actually benefits Patients, Dentists and Employers
2) Co-Management of complex cases
3) Profit Velocity and Quality
4) Capital Equipment available on a cost-per-use basis, and
5) Equity Conversion; The ability to convert equity in your practice to cash.

We truly are about to enter a new Golden Age of Dentistry and this interview will provide you with new ways of thinking about our amazing profession!

To receive detailed information about ProCare, text procare to 44222

You will receive access to a recorded webinar provided by Qadeer that covers complete details about ProCare and how their Member Benefit Program is going to radically change the current broken system of dental insurance. ProCare is designed to benefit the Employers by lowering premiums, the Patients by providing better benefits, and Dentists by paying you your full fee.

BUSTING LOOSE From Insurance Dependence in Your Dental Practice